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Our resort hosts 11 cottages by popular demand, each of which stands as a testament to a timeless charm. Lined up against a beautiful path, these have self-contained porches with chairs and a small garden of flowering pots. It's a picturesque sojourn as you sit amidst the surroundings' leaves, greenery, and quietness. Check out the in-room entertainment, toiletries, and clean plush laundry. You will find yourself in an enchanting countryside retreat as you indulge in pampering treatments that nourish your body and soul. The hidden nooks and crannies are fun to sit down and watch as the sun glows on you and you lose all contemplation. This idyllic retreat offers the perfect pullback from the bustling world.

Queensize bed
Colour Flat Screen TV
24X7 Hot Water
Air Conditioned Rooms

Tea/Coffee Makers
Complimentary Wifi